Driven by the baser instincts of their caveman predecessors, A Good Rogering delivers a raw and powerful sound best described as eclectic heavy-rock. Notorious for their wild, often manic, live performances that demand audience engagement and participation the Austin, TX quartet is comprised of Skunk Manhattan (vocals/guitar), Rick Lambert (guitar), Sammiard Alvarado (bass) and Rom Gov (drums).

AGR's debut EP, ‘Long Overdue’, was released in 2010 and instantly gained the band recognition among the Texas metal music scene. The song “Born to Follow” was featured on a compilation CD in Guitar World Magazine alongside ads of Skunk Manhattan with his signature Tregan guitar.

‘Lifeblood’ was released in 2013 and continued the band’s evolution of unorthodox songwriting and genre-mixing. The ten track album covered a wide spectrum of styles from the savage “Caveman Angry” to the laid-back “Melodic Intercourse”. The songs “Under the Gun” and “Care for a Rat in the Face?” received airplay on Austin’s premiere rock-radio station 93.7 KLBJ.

Their 2017 EP, 'This Is Death Metal', is the band's strongest release to date paying homage to their metal roots and love of a solid groove. The title track has quickly become a fan favorite at shows for it's ability to turn a reserved crowd into a frenzied mosh pit of flying hair and horns in the air. A DIY East Coast tour took the band from Texas to New York gaining new fans at every stop.

Plans to re-release the funk inspired single "Mr. Peanut" are on the horizon for 2018 as well as writing new material for a follow up album. A constant stream of regional touring continues to spread AGR's infectious brand of rock music to audiences looking for something authentic, distinct and sexy as hell.