Like a high-speed car crash of disparate musical influences, A Good Rogering assembles the wreckage into a sonic landscape best described as eclectic rock. Based in Austin, TX, AGR has released three albums to date and have opened for notable acts including Skid Row, Marty Friedman, Adler’s Appetite and Uli Jon Roth.

AGR's debut EP, ‘Long Overdue’, erupted onto the Texas metal and alternative rock scene establishing the band as a must-see live act due to frontman Skunk Manhattan’s unpredictable and over-the-top stage antics. The song “Born to Follow” was featured on a compilation CD in Guitar World Magazine alongside ads of Skunk with his signature Tregan guitar.

Their full-length, ‘Lifeblood’, appealed to an ever growing audience that resonated with the band’s ability to blend old-school thrash metal with odd-time riffs, melodic guitar solos, and half-time grooves. The songs “Under the Gun” and “Care for a Rat in the Face?” received airplay on Austin’s premiere rock-radio station 93.7 KLBJ.

An east coast tour from Texas to New York followed the 2017 release, 'This is Death Metal', and the band reached new heights with a feature of the title track in Metal Injection. A lyric video for “Five Ministries”, a dystopian song based on the book 1984, also premiered on Metal Injection.

Taking a brief departure from the usual distortion and destruction, AGR explored their acoustic sensibilities with the somber and introspective single, “Out of Reach”, released in 2018 to a positive response from fans, press, and radio.

Back in the studio with a new album of heavy-hitting songs, AGR is eager to deliver what their loyal fans keep coming back for.


"Non-conformist phenomenon that toggles on the edge of Zappa."
- Rockstar Magazine

"If you've been looking for A Good Rogering, this band will give it to you."
- IAE Magazine

"Their witty approach to eclectic rock impresses live audiences time and time again."
- Rank & Revue