Driven by the baser instincts of their caveman predecessors, A Good Rogering delivers a raw and powerful sound best described as heavy eclectic rock. Based in Austin, TX, AGR has released three albums to date and have opened for notable acts such as Skid Row, Marty Friedman, Adler’s Appetite and Uli Jon Roth.

AGR's debut EP, ‘Long Overdue’, was released in 2010 and quickly established the band as a top act within the Texas metal and alternative rock scene. The song “Born to Follow” was featured on a compilation CD in Guitar World Magazine alongside ads of Skunk Manhattan with his signature Tregan guitar.

The full-length ‘Lifeblood’, released in 2013, explored a vast range of musical territory from the savage “Caveman Angry” to the tranquil “Melodic Intercourse”. The songs “Under the Gun” and “Care for a Rat in the Face?” received airplay on Austin’s premiere rock-radio station 93.7 KLBJ.

An east coast tour from Texas to New York followed the 2017 release, 'This is Death Metal', and the band reached new heights with a feature of the title track in Metal Injection.

Their latest single, an acoustically driven introspective track entitled “Out of Reach”, is an unexpected departure from the band's prior material. The contrast is most evident when juxtaposed against the stop-motion video for This is Death Metal, an animated, satirical glimpse into the genre depicting death, monsters, over-the-top windmill head-banging, and an impaling unicorn. 

With a new album slated for a 2019 release, AGR is revving up to make their biggest thrust yet into the hard-rock and metal scene. 


"If you've been looking for A Good Rogering, this band will give it to you."
- IAE Magazine

"AGR will restore your faith in locally-sourced live music."
- INsite Austin

"Their witty approach to eclectic rock impresses live audiences time and time again."
- Rank & Revue